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Hold on to or to let go?

Let´s face it: 2020 is a year that has changed our lives. There will probably be a before and after 2020 in Human history. Some people talk about a global “reset”, others follow conspiracy believers, and many of us may have experienced personal or financial losses, perhaps even severe illness. Certainly, all our lives have undergone profound changes.

Human beings have just come to realize that inspite of assuming they are the rulers of the world, they cannot be in control of everything. Making plans has become difficult. We feel insecure. So what can we actually be sure of in this life? Let me sum up life´s only guarantees in 3 bullet points:

1. We were all born

2. We will all die

3. We have the present moment to LIVE.

I have experienced quite a few changes myself this year. Some doors closed, others opened (and still keep opening up). Some Friends disappeared, others came back into my life. And the real ones remained. As I have always been very flexible and easy at adapting at life´s circumstances, I have chosen to make the best of the “event-pause” this summer and taken up photography again.

Reinvent yourself, re-discover what matters to you and who you want to be.

Let go of what is fake and does not belong to you.

Hold on to what´s real and reflects the authentic self.

Hold on to those who really love you and spend all your love on them. Let your present moment be filled with LOVE and not with fear.

I have learned to take one day at a time and to appreciate every moment.

Wishing you a lovely pre-Christmas season.


Claudia Nagyivan

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