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Shall I postpone or cancel my wedding 2020?

Very many couples ask me these days: “Claudia, what shall we do? How is the situation in Mallorca? Do you think we need to postpone or cancel our wedding?“

My advise: Before making a decision on something as important as your wedding celebration, calm down, focus on the facts and start making a pro & contra list. In any case, it won´t be necessary to cancel your wedding: Your wedding team is going to make all the necessary efforts in order to find a new date for your dream wedding. In these extraordinary times, we all try to be flexible: Please, be flexible, too! In general, if you wish to postpone to fall 2020, week days are easier to arrange, as most couples go for Saturdays. But maybe a Thursday or Friday is just as perfect as a Saturday to have your loved ones with you?

And now, let´s start with the good news: Mallorca has been so far the least affected area in Spain. We are still under a strict lockdown until April 26th, which is helping to get the situation under control.- One thing is sure: The year 2020 is going to be a milestone in human history, hopefully for the good in the end. If you celebrate your wedding this year, you will be talking about it for the rest of your life.

Let´s be realistic: Some couples simply won´t be able to celebrate their wedding because there aren´t any flights. Obviously, April weddings had to be postponed, and so have been many in May. We – Wedding planners and providers- are hoping that during June, travelling and celebrating are going to be allowed again. The world economy simply can´t afford to be stuck for too long, and Spain needs its tourists.- Those huge party-weddings with guests flying in from all over the world might still be complicated in June, but „smaller“ events should be able to take place. If you are getting married in August and later, you are on the safe side, from my point of view.

And now some more good news: Travelling in 2020 is going to be as safe as it has never been before. It is very unlikely that airlines let us be jammed together as in the past. Most probably, planes are going to be desinfected including passengers wearing masks, gloves, keeping distance, etc. –

Last but not least: YOU have to feel confortable and good about your wedding, considering your own private situation, your guests´health ( many sick or elderly people?) and the political situation in your country. Please feel free to call me and / or your Wedding Planner, if you are having doubts or simply need a chat. I am there for you, now more than ever.

Closing this delicate topic: We can´t wait to have you here and to celebrate your wedding!! We are all yearning for some hugs & partying & celebrating good times with friends. Don´t let Corona destroy your dream, don´t let panick and confusion take over. May your decision be lead by common sense & positive thinking.

I send you much love & sunshine from Mallorca: Happy Easter!

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