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Surrender yourself to the sound of silence

Since last week we follow very strict lockdown regulations here in Spain which has some amazing side-effects: Hardly any traffic, empty roads, free skies and above all: The inspiring sound of silence.

I listen to all the songs the different birds are singing. Can you hear the bees humming? From far away I hear the cattle bells, the pigeons cooing and perhaps a dog barking.

I surrender myself to this magnificent song of silence composed by divine nature itself. And then, magic happens: I listen to my own heart sing, a joyful song of infinite happiness for having found my inner peace. My inner voice is singing to me about truth, confidence and love.

There is a magic song within all of you, and when you hear it, your soul breathes and vibrates with the universe. I call this „state of completeness“, but words in the end don´t matter anymore.

Do you know the magic when you and your partner are able to share the silence and understand eachother without words? It´s the same with the universe: When you surrender yourself to silence, you and the universe become ONE.

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