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Yippie! Lent is here! (Die Fastenzeit beginnt!)

I love lent. Days are getting longer; spring is in the air. It is a great opportunity to make a cut and start from scratch. It is a time for cleaning and healing. It is a traditional moment for preparing your garden: to cut back, and to plant new seeds. How about yourself?

A friend said to me not long ago: Just like a seed grows in darkness and silence until it becomes stronger and reaches the surface in order to start to blossom, we also need moments of stillness in order to find our truth- and to gain new strength in order to grow and to become again the authentic ME.

And there are so many things we can do in those 40 days- by the way, did you know that the number 40 has been an important symbolic number throughout human history in all cultures and across all continents? Above all, it symbolizes wholeness and completeness. –

So what can we do in those 40 days of lent? We can clean body and soul. Detox inside as well as outside, and ask yourself perhaps: Are there any toxic relationships in my life from which I need to detox first? What belongs to my life and what has lost its meaning? Am I a free person or are there any addictions (such as smoking, alcohol, mobile phone, etc.) in my life?

You can also do a big tidy-up or house-cleaning, or perhaps: Start with your soul first. One of Sting´s songs starts with the line: “Let your soul be your pilot”.

I love this sentence, and perhaps, this is for me the best summary of lent: Clean and heal and free body and mind, and let your soul guide you through your entire life time.

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